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Prepaid Debit Cards

DC Payments is an industry leader and the first company in Canada to offer Prepaid Debit Cards.

Now, your customers can conveniently load any dollar amount onto a Prepaid Debit Card. Cards can be used at any network ATM or payment terminal, and are perfect for shopping, travelling, gift-giving, or everyday purchases and a secure alternative to carrying cash.

Merchant benefits

Improve customer service offerings

The Prepaid Debit Card is one of the fastest growing business segments. Now, you can offer existing and new customers easy access to cash – and the additional services they are looking for.

Increase revenue

Prepaid Debit Cards help you earn additional revenue. You generate revenue through:

  • Transaction Fees.
  • Reloading Fees (Cards can be reloaded at any time).
  • Monthly Maintenance Fees.

Reduce business costs

You reduce operating costs and the dangers associated with the handling of cheques and physical cash.

Increase your brand awareness

Brand the Prepaid Debit Card with your business logo and unique messaging.

Accepted globally

Prepaid Debit Cards can be used at POS terminals and at ATMs on the Interac®, MasterCard® and Visa® Networks.