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Prepaid Calling Cards

As one of the leading Prepaid Calling Card providers in Canada, we offer merchants the ability to diversify their revenue stream by selling Prepaid Calling Cards to customers.

Now, your customers can pre-purchase a set amount of caller minutes in various dollar amounts. Cards are disposable and are perfect for making easy, affordable calls.

We offer two Prepaid Calling Card options, which enable you to provide cellular and long distance services to customers:

1. Calling cards printed and activated from your POS terminal

Enables you to print and activate Prepaid Calling Cards using your POS Terminal. This removes the burden and cost of upfront inventory, while offering you a steady stream of revenue. You earn a commission on each transaction.

Benefits include:

  • You never run out of stock
  • Wider variety of Prepaid Calling Cards available
  • No shipping fees
  • All major brands of card available
  • You earn a commission on each transaction
  • Easy-to-use web reporting tool
  • 24/7 Bilingual Call Centre

2. Pre-activated calling cards

We offer a suite of Prepaid Calling Cards that are pre-activated and come in a variety of denominations.

Benefits include:

  • An excellent option for small venues and/or seasonal locations
  • You get regular contact with DC Payments Sales Representatives
  • You receive FREE marketing materials
  • You place an order and receive your shipment within 2–3 business days