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Payment Card Solutions

Debit Card Solutions

DC Payments offers turnkey debit and prepaid card services, providing a convenient and value-added service to clients.

Card services made easy:

Unparalleled Expertise
Producing EMV chip cards is a complex endeavour - we just make it look easy. As a centre of excellence in technical card design, we are not only working to ensure your card looks great and works well today, but are continually looking out onto the horizon of payment card innovation.

End-to-End Project Management
We oversee the entire card management process from start to finish, including technical support, certification and approval, end-to-end testing support, card design and artwork services, and card manufacturing and personalization.

Incomparable Value
Our significant card volume allows DC Payments to offer preferred pricing to our clients, significantly less than what can be obtained individually from card personalization bureaus. DC Payments is also the first in Canada to offer an Interac® Flash contactless card which can also be used on THE EXCHANGE® network.

Comprehensive Creative Services
The DC Payments team will guide you through the card and collateral design process, ensuring your artwork is compliant with all guidelines and regulations. We will also discuss card finishing options and offer in-house design services upon request.

Flexible Card Ordering & Delivery System
Our integrated card ordering system is smart and flexible, allowing our clients to order cards seamlessly through multiple channels. Cards can be delivered to the branch or directly to the cardholder.

Efficient Inventory Reporting
Our effective card inventory reporting means you'll have everything you need to stay on top of your card inventory.

Prepaid Cards

  • DC Payments is an industry leader in the prepaid card business. Prepaid and gift cards are quickly gaining a foothold in the financial services landscape and represent significant revenue potential as well as an opportunity to expand your product offering, promote brand loyalty and increase consumer traffic.

    Prepaid cards can be used for so much more
    Offer your customers the convenience and peace of mind that a prepaid card brings.
    • Finance management
    • Online purchasing
    • Travel
    • Gifts
    • Payroll and incentives
Our secure, flexible solution
Our Prepaid Card Solution is a simple, end-to-end, open-loop offering, featuring a highly robust and secure platform. Offer your customers the safety, flexibility and convenience of a prepaid card, without hefty development costs. As a member of Visa, Interac® and MasterCard, we offer you continued access to the networks your customers trust and have come to rely on.

We do the legwork – you add value to your bottom line
DC Payments has made the technological and administrative investments necessary for our clients' easy entry into this lucrative market. We will manage card manufacturing and personalization, distribution, inventory reporting and funds settlement. Our proprietary switch and DCPrepaid system manages card activation, transaction initiation and data processing.

End-to-end service offering
From account management to transaction processing and in-house creative services, our prepaid offering has all your bases covered.

Administrative web tools
Our web tools feature an easy-to-use interface, secure login and the best reporting in the industry for both our clients and their cardholders.

Offer your customers a consistent brand experience from start to finish
We know your brand is an integral part of every facet of your business so we have designed our prepaid card solution with that in mind. From card design to Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to cardholder web tools, our solution enables you to offer consistent brand experience at every touchpoint.